Ann Pascoe
New Zealand's
Making it on the world wide country music scene.
A big talent and a clear, sweet voice with songs to match. 
On stage, winning audiences with her sincere stage presence that can warm the words of any song, many she has written herself, Annie is filling a niche  in her unique style.
Collier  USA
The Best of Ann Pascoe
1.    Land of the Long White Cloud   (Guillemot)                 
2.    It Ain't That Way    (Ownbey)   ( playing )   

3.    Broken Hearts Will Slowly Mend (Payne)
      (SOMEWHERE BETWEEN MEMORIES & DREAMS)                  

4.    Cryin' For Their Mamas   (Kemp)   (I'M DOING FINE)           

5.    Don't Touch Me      (Crochrane)      (I'M DOING FINE)       

6.    Treat Me Like a Lady (Richardson/Ownbey/Hartwell)

7.    Drop of a Tear   (Portilla)   (I'M DOING FINE)                                        
8.   Winds of October  (Fjellgaard)  (I'M DOING FINE)                                  
9.   Misty Morning Memories  (Ownbey)   
     (MISTY MORNING MEMORIES             

10. On the Menu    (Pascoe)   (ON THE MENU)                        
11. I'm Doing Fine   (Ownbey)  (I'M DOING FINE)                        
12. Nobody Likes a Smart Ass   (Poythress/Varble)                                 
Here is a collection of songs from my past albums and two new songs as well.

I'd like to thank Dave Guillemot for taking the time to choose 10 songs to make up this
Best of Ann Pascoe album.  I also thank
Dave for letting me use his "Land of the Long White Cloud" song as one of the two new additions to the album.

I hope you enjoy the selection of songs as much as I had singing them. I thank my family and supporters over the years. Please know that I do appreciate you always being there.

Backing Music
Guitars - John Kearns/Dug Grieves
Keyboard - Jim Kirby
Steel - Michael Daly
Bass - Dave Francis
Fiddle - Tim Lorsch
Drums - Steve Holland
Arr. Jackie Cook, Songcellar, Nashville

Engineered and mastered by Studio 13 New Plymouth
Tracks 1 & 12 mastered by Studio 15, New Plymouth

Somewhere Between Memories & Dreams
Jayrem Records New Zealand / CD 
Release Date: Monday, 10 March, 2008
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Including duos with Dennis Marsh
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